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UV Probelms in ActorX

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    UV Probelms in ActorX

    Hello, so I modeled a custom character, I imported the male skeleton, deleted the male model parts, and exported the file. When I import it into UDK I get a dark blue all over the body part of the model. In actorX I checked "All skin typeS" and "all textures. I don't know why its doing this.

    first uvw map your mesh
    second apply a bitmap material to your mesh
    then skin it to the rig
    export via actox
    import mesh and textures to the editor
    create a base MaterialInstantConstant
    create your character materials (MIC's) parent these to your base
    apply MIC's to your mesh
    don't forget to add the sockets and move the origins

    follow the tutorials for the basics, learn the work flow, when your stuck then ask