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Scrolling Ocean Water [Need Help]

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    Scrolling Ocean Water [Need Help]


    I am currently working on a video art project utilizing UDK.

    What we want is for a matinee camera to appear to be constantly heading into the sunset over a tranquil ocean until the you actually shut down the program.

    I've created a skydome, and I followed an advanced tutorial on setting up the water material to reflect the sky above and have normal maps drive the randomize wave patterns.

    But it in order to creating the illusion that the camera is heading into the sunset over the ocean, I wanted the ocean to scroll under the camera as if it was moving, as the camera bobbed up and down.

    However, I'm running into a problem figuring out how to pan the texture as a whole. Setting up the wave movement meant I had to use various panner nodes with various texcoordinate values to scale the normal maps.

    My question is how do I set up a panner that will drive the WHOLE material while the rest of wave patterns move independent of them?

    Possibly Resolved.

    I think I might have found a solution: I just went into every panner and altered their speeds making the Y-axis the strongest value in each to appear as though its predominantly moving in one direction, it was a pain but it looks passable.


      For water, a simple solution is add a normal map on top of itself with one being tiled smaller (TexCoord) and moving faster (panner) with a strong specular. This gives the effect of small movement on top of large movement that works great for any flowing water. You may wish to include a PixelDepth to smooth it out at a distance (or smoothing it out up close). Of course, all tweaking is up to your liking.