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A Rooster modelling.

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    A Rooster modelling.

    Hi guys,

    As i am new to modelling and also new to UDk, I dont know
    much in modelling and UDK. I have to submit a college project,
    I am trying to make a Rooster for my game. I am using Maya to model
    it. Later I have to import it into UDK level.

    May problem is I have not even made a bird before in maya?
    I need some one help to teach me, how to model a rooster with proper
    mesh flow and topology?

    Any tutorial for this is really appreciated.But, I need some one to post me how do model it (a step by step guide for maya modelling-Rooster).

    Thank you guys.

    I doubt anybody's already got a **** modeling tutorial. What? That's the PC term! What do you think a rooster fight is called? Just because I prefer to go with my pants off doesn't mean it isn't two fowls in mortal combat.

    I would just learn how to model anything and it'll translate to a male chicken. I'm not so familiar with Maya, but I would most likely box model it and cut in my own detail.


      @Hitpawz: hahahaha!

      @sanjay: if I were you I wouldn't put too much time into the modeling for this project, and just buy a cheap 3D model. E.g. here:

      Turbosquid Roosters/*****

      And maybe there's elsewhere a free ****/rooster model.

      If you really want to model yourself always think: "somebody else will have modeled a **** before, let's see how it was done".

      Or buy a real ****, study it, model it and then eat it. (But cook the **** first.)