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Scale and non-planar faces questions

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    Scale and non-planar faces questions

    Hi, I'm still kind of new to modeling and UDK, so I'm full of questions, but only a few are urgent as of now.

    1) A huge question I have is, should I build "detail" models like trees, tables, etc. to UDK player scale or would it be a better idea to just wait until it's imported to UDK and then scale it in there?

    2) Another question I have, is when, for example, I take a tube, connect the edges width-wise, and delete a polygon to create a space for a window, this happens:

    If you can see it, the polygon below the window becomes non-planar after I delete the polygon to create the window. I'm not exactly sure what the best way to fix this is, and my google searches are leading me in circles.

    Thanks a lot for any help.

    Disregard the planar face question. I messed around for a bit before the obvious solution came to me, delete the non planar face and cap.

    Still wouldn't mind some advice on #1 though.

    Edit: Nevermind, they're still non planar.


      It will save you alot of trouble down the road to build your models to scale.

      your problem is caused by having to many edges on one poly. here is something that will hopefully help. if it doesn't let me know and ill try to explain it clearer

      Uploaded with


        Thanks for the post, I can see how that'd fix it. Wish I had thought of that earlier, but I guess that's how learning goes.