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Smoothing Groups messed up with skeletal mesh

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    Smoothing Groups messed up with skeletal mesh

    Hi guys. I hope someone can help me with this. really stumped here.

    my skeletal mesh smoothing groups appear to be like this

    these are the steps I already tried

    1) autosmooth at 15, 30, 45, 75, . none of it works
    2) Put all into 1 smoothing groups
    3) Remove smoothing groups
    4) Add smooth modifier.

    what's weirder is that
    It appears fine as static mesh.

    Apparently it looks fine in 3dsmax when i autosmooth it at anything below 25.
    This is weird because generally, the threshold means anything below X degree angle will be smoothed, therefore, if i smooth at 75, almost all the surface should be smoothed. But the opposite seems to be true. Even at 45 degree. the flat surface on the side of the gun appear to be like that in 3dsmax.

    Any ideas?

    Don't use autosmooth, instead set the smoothing groups manually either in the edit poly tab, or make a smoothing groups modifier.


      Let me guess, 3dsmax normal map bake?

      Unfortunately there is a reason that almost every max user doesn't use the built in render to texture. Xnormal will produce far better results.


        I'm guessing the weird smoothing is from the normal map

        But I wouldn't blame 3ds Max for doing a bad job, it can do just fine, you just need to use it correctly.


          Looks to me like bad modeling. First, those details are modeled in when there's no reason what-so-ever a normal map can't take care of that. If you must model it in, you need to optimize this so that there aren't as many long thin triangles. If you can't do that, you need to put all of the faces that are coplanar to this piece on its own smoothing group. The instant you combine tight groups of vertices creating long thin triangles with even the slightest curve, you will see what you have there. You also need to make sure that you import your normal map with normalmap compression.


            i tried removing normal map ... nope.. nothing. still same. nothing to do with normal maps.

            EDIT: anyway we fixed this already. All we had to do is do a Bake Smoothing Group at the actorx settings


              It was not the map or the modeling, the 2 indention things need to have a different group from the side, I had a similar thing with one of my models. Since the groups weren't getting baked they were all put in group one. Excellent model btw.