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Static Mesh Packages?

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    Static Mesh Packages?

    I've search but haven't been able to come up with any clear results:

    Do any of you know where I can find a collection of static mesh packages? And if so, are there any in particular which you would recommend?

    I have been using UDK for a while now, but am still learning how to model in 3DS Max. Because of that, I am currently limited to what the UDK has to offer in regards to static meshes for the simple levels I'm piecing together.

    Is there a collection or depository where people freely submit these (perhaps to show of their works) and for others to gain insight on how to use new meshes and learn new ideas?

    I suppose I could find a bunch of 3DS Max models and import those as well (which I haven't tried yet), but I am not sure if there is a way to batch import these either.

    What kind of meshes are you looking for? I am currently starting a collection of meshes which I will allow people to use though it will be a couple months before I have good amount of models created. Though sadly I have not been able to find any other free collections, best of luck in your search.


      well...there is this thread


        Thanks Dn2, That's basically what I'm looking for.

        I'm working on two things right now, one of them I am kind of going for a steam punk look, so I'm looking for interior and exterior items I could use, but on another project I am creating a concert hall. In that regard, speakers, amps, lights, instruments, etc. is what I'm looking for.

        I'm some what competent in 3DS Max, but when it comes to texturing and things like that I am clueless.