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    Modeling Portfolio

    Hey people, been modeling for about 3 months now.
    Below in my signature is some things i have to show.
    Let me know what you think, i would like to know how im coming along

    Its nothing special but its ok for someone who is modeling for 3 months. I can give you some tips for your portfolio.

    First of all split your pictures in 3 or 2 sections. Provide a Wireframe Render and a Textured Render (with bumps and AO) optionally you could add the texture map. As next add the Polycount and your email or website in a readable font to it so that people who are interested in your work can contact you easily! Their are scouts who look for new talents on highly frequented sites like or polycount or any other pages like this. But they hate it to crawl through tones of bad designed pages with no or too less informations.

    Keep everything as simple as you can but provide as much information as you can.


      It's premature to throw around words like "portfolio" at your level. However, if you're serious about it, you'll want to treat it seriously. For example, no goofy nicknames.

      Things to think about:

      Smoothing groups, nothing more needs to be said here. The more control and knowledge you have over it, the better your work will render.

      scale accuracy, some of your shapes, they are just wacky. Interpretation comes with time.

      Texture EVERYTHING, and think more about actual texture painting past putting a picture that represents the material. Handpainting for fantasy and realism is incredibly important, as almost anyone can model.


        Hello dirten93. How old are you? That does have some bearing on what to expect in three months of modeling. Your best bet now is to follow advice from people who know how to model, don't just do waht comes natural. Watch good tutorials to see the best methods.

        I would have been very pleased to acomplish what you have when I first started



          17, so you saying i have progressed quickly? And my bad for calling it a "portfolio," that's what the website calls them, i have them on there, just to display them and get criticism on them, and how i am progressing.


            I dont think its premature to call it a portfolio, Im not sure why MaxPower said that. Anyway, you have a lot of potential, my main gripe is your lighting, the models all look incredibly flat. Try doing some research into 3point lighting and tweaking your specular maps to make things 'pop' a bit.

            For your next model, try doing something more complex, a full highpoly weapon model, or maybe a car/truck. dont worry about polycount when starting out, creating more realistic/quality models is more important than a 3poly character with normals.

            its a nice start, keep pluhging away at it and you'll do fine.


              Also, you should throw in some pictures of your models with a wireframe overlay. Nearly anybody can make something that looks good once rendered, given enough time.

              Where you can make a difference is by showing how tidy is the topology of your meshes.


                Thanks for the replys guys, im actually workin on an ak47 atm, coming along nicely i have like 2 hours of work into it so far.

                Very impressed with my self on it lol.

                I will post updates tommorow or so on it.

                Again Thanks for the replys.