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Lighting / Texture issue

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    Lighting / Texture issue


    So basically I have created a static mesh and unwrapped it and imported it into UDK. Now I am starting on Normal mapping and Texturing.

    But I am continually hitting brick walls when something I don't understand happens.

    The most recent thing being this.

    I have 4 Point lights near the top of this lamppost. With a diffuse texture that i lightened up a great deal to see if this still happened. Which it did, So now I have this mapped imported static mesh that has a couple of really dark areas that i cannot explain. Any Ideas?

    are you using lightmass?
    are you using defaults for the lights and world info properties?
    have you prperly created the material in the material editor?
    can you provide a snapshot of the material "net" that you created?

    Im new to importing static meshes as well.


      Lightmass is on. They are default lights other than slight change to the brightness I believe. The material was created and I had spec maps and normal maps apple but the only part that was bumped was around that dark area. So I figured it might be that. But after disabling everything but the diffuse it has stayed like that. Despite the diffuse all being quite bright. I will get an image of the UV map up in minute. It is also all 1 smoothing group if that helps


        One thing that also happens is in 3DS max. When the model is rendered from a low angle.

        The colours look fine, but from a side or top angle it goes jsut like in UDK.

        So I am thinking this might be a Lighting / Shadow problem? Possibly to do with the smoothing group?

        This is the Un-wrap

        Edit: The actual unwrap is rendered out at 2048x2048 by the way.


          Right OK, It's gone. I changed the smoothing groups and now it appears as it should, I feel a little stupid for not thoroughly checking that, but hey now the solution is around.

          Although I am not sure as to why this happened? Can anyone elaborate on that?