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question about adding a core into a fractured mesh

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    question about adding a core into a fractured mesh

    when I press add core I get a error message that says "the selected mesh can't be used as a fracture core because it's source geometry has been stripped out."

    what does this mean? and how can I get it to stop?

    thank you for any help

    I don't think you'll be able to make a core with any of the assets that come with the editor.

    You'll have to get a custom mesh, import it and use that.

    Also depending on what you want for the core, you could try making a bsp solid and then converting it to a static mesh and use that for the core.


      how do you turn a bsp into a static mesh? I thought of that also but did now know how to do that.

      and thank you for that piece of info


        When packages are cooked, a lot of the original source data is lost. Basically the source data represents the data in it's raw format (in this case for a static mesh, as a bunch of vertices). When they're cooked, they strip this away and you're left with an altered compressed version.

        If you really want to use the UDK assets, then you can place a static mesh somewhere in the level, and then export as OBJ. You can then import the OBJ into 3DSMax or Maya.


          =[ I dont have either of them...oh well I guess I can live without having a core in a fracture mesh

          thank you all for helping though. I appreaciate it.


            I imagine Blender supports importing OBJ.