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Help with 3DSMax Texture Export

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    Help with 3DSMax Texture Export

    Hi,I've made a gun the mesh,bones,and animation,and did the materials.Now,I exported the animation and mesh to UDK,but I dont know how to export the materials from 3dsmax to UDK. My question is, is texture and material the same thing? Can i directly export the material from 3dsmax to UDK? Can i export the materials from 3dsmax to Gimp or Photoshop? Please help me,It would mean alott to me. Thank you in advance

    Textures in both 3DSMax and Unreal Ed are the same thing, that is to say it is a two dimensional array of pixels.

    Materials and in 3DSMax and Unreal Ed are different. In UnrealEd these are shaders to be precise (pixel and vertex shader). As far as I know, you can't export the materials in 3DSMax to UnrealEd.

    Only use 3DSMax to assign material slots to some or all of the mesh. Then use UnrealEd to create materials.


      So what can i do in my case?


        One can't expect UDK to accept a material (i.e., shader) form any given 3d package such as Maya, 3dsmax, Blender, etc. The main difference being 3dsmax is not real time and UDK has to be able to use a material in real time so it is playable.

        Basically, one creates a shader in 3dmax (or whatever one uses) and then recreates it UDK albeit some of the time with less detail but not always.

        Here is a link to Epic's doc on the UDK Material Editor.
        and one on static meshes.
        Combined they might get you started at the expense of perhaps too much information. Probably best to find a tutorial to get you started. There are plenty here and on the web.
        If you are not familiar with how materials works in UDK or UT3, it'll take some time to make the mental shift from 3dsmax to UDK. It'll become obvious how it works.