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Flatten map command in max

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    Flatten map command in max


    I'm a programmer, and quite clueless when it comes to 3d art. I have some plugin I'm working on, and I want to know what are the best values to use in the Flatten Map dialog (to create a UV layout for lightmapping in the 2nd channel)? I'm currently using the default setting (45 degree, 0.02 spacing, etc)... I also what to know what other stuff I can apply to get the best layout without doing anything manually. I appreciate any advice on the matter.

    It 100% depends on the object in question. If it has a lot of flat surfaces, then the default settings are good 99% of the time. If it has some slight curvature that you would like to retain as one UV segment, then you can increase the values to an extent. You pretty much never want to go over 60 degrees as it will basically map down the side of an object. In those cases, you can also try box mapping.

    The only way to avoid having to do manual labor is to search for a UV app or plugin. Even then, you have to define the seams. Max has pelt mapping, where you can define seams and automatically unwrap the object, but the results are akin to hiring a mechanic to do brain surgery, it just doesn't work very good.

    The best plugin I have experienced is VRAYs XUnwrap for max, but this does NOT work on a 64 bit OS. It is, however, very affordable at about $25US. The best app I have ever seen is Unfold3D, but that is quite expensive at around $500US.