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Static Mesh (normalmap?)rendering problem

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    Static Mesh (normalmap?)rendering problem

    Ok, I'm fairly new to UDK, however I've successfully imported static meshes with materials before, so I'm kind of lost here.

    The whole thing looks great in Xnormal's 3D viewer:

    Which is exactly the same .ASE mesh as used in UDK and the same textures.

    Now in UDK's static mesh viewer, the whole thing looks like this:

    There seems to be a serious normalmapping issue and also it seems to have problems with mirrored models?

    The material is pretty basic, so I'm not sure what may be wrong with it:

    Anyone an idea what's wrong here? I already searched the forums quite some time and couldn't find anything similar yet.

    Thank you!

    Are the coordinates set up correct in Xnormal? You have to change Y+ to Y- for the normals to work with UDK.


      That would be the green-channel of the normalmap, right?

      It looks better in the material-editor now, but in the mesh-viewer it's still pretty weird:


        Probably the map is not imported correctly. Open the texture from the content browser and check these settings.

        Unpack Min = -1, -1, -1, 0
        Unpack Max = 1, 1, ,1, 1
        SRGB = Unchecked

        When you import the texture and you don't select the compression method as normal map, it will be the wrong settings and it then will look wrong. The picture you show seems like this is possible that this is the problem. Considering the map R and G is correct.


          you can try a few things. First it's better to use the textureparameternormal instead of the regular texturesample. Try normaluncompressed instead of TC_normal if you import it, that can improve your normals as well sometimes.


            Thanks obihb & numb22! It looks already a lot better now, when importing the textures as an uncompressed normalmap.

            Still not quite there as a whole, compared to the Xnormal viewer, but quite better!