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anyone help to getting started at maya

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    anyone help to getting started at maya

    hello guys I need maya tutorials from zero
    i know nothing about 3d programs but i know udk but i want to start learning maya to be level designer how you help me with good begining and easy one
    waiting for your help nice members

    yeah dude welcome to the world of 3D's and Maya

    I suppose what you'll have to do is watch alot of tutorials to get you started..

    for example:

    familiarize yourself with the interface and the tools available.. alot of experimentation on your part is needed..

    I'm not sure what part of level design you are keen on? is it you want to create all the cool looking assets you see in a level? or more over create the overall level from a gameplay perspective?

    because you can jump right into UDK and start whiteboxing and testing a level almost immediately...

    anyhow.. you'll still need to learn at least one 3D package and personally I think maya is a good choice


      Thanks you Jamie Telford for your nice reply i dont know why i chose maya but iam happy
      because you agree with me seconly i want to be level designer including using unreal script and all meshes and modeling inside level i want to know how to do so i took step to maya
      hope you will help me always thanks again


        I want tutorials for maya 2011 interface