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Changing BumpOffset node through parameters in material instance

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    Changing BumpOffset node through parameters in material instance

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to parameterize the bumpOffset node so that its internal settings can be changed in material instances. Right now, I have this:

    I want to be able to adjust the height ratio and reference plane in instances of this material.


    I realize this is an advanced material question. I did find a solution through the Mastering Unreal Tech Vol II book. Tutorial 2.12 Recreates the bumpOffset utility using parameters. I've included my version (sans the tutorial terminology referencing fur) below for reference:

    Here is my final "parent" material. This material is instanced any time I need a new material and provides me with the most commonly used parameters and functions. With this, it is rare when I need to construct a unique material:

    If you'd like clarification on anything here, feel free to contact me or reply below.

    Note, for the normal multiplier, you're only supposed to adjust the blue channel.