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FBX export / import workflow tutorial

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    FBX export / import workflow tutorial

    I've had a good look around, and haven't found a good and definitive guide or tutorial on FBX exporting and importing. It seems like FBX is the future, and that Actor X and ASE are history, because FBX workflow is much faster (includes materials and textures).

    It might cover things like:
    • Preparing multi-sub materials in 3ds Max (or whatever)
    • FBX export settings for UDK in 3ds Max (or whatever)
    • FBX import settings in UDK
    • Re-assembling materials and textures in UDK (if necessary)

    Does anyone have time to put together a definitive written or video tutorial on FBX? It would be much appreciated. Of course, I stand corrected if there is one already, but I've been looking quite a lot.

    My workflow for use in Maya:

    (preparation: settings = Z-up)
    1. Build model.
    2. Apply any maya texture to model on parts -- codependent on if you're using one material for everything or not. If you're using more than 1 material on an FBX in UDK, youll need to apply separate maya textures and UVs to said meshes. (a bit unclear I know, but once you do this like 3 or 4 times, youll understand).
    3. Combine all things relative.
    4. UV's ------ uhhhhhhhhh, yeah, this one is pretty much a gigantic project in and of itself, not gonna get in to that. Automatic mapping if its cubular (a new word I just made up), planar mapping for organic stuff.
    5. Select all models: center pivot, ensure its location is at the origin.
    6. Triangulate.
    7. Check face normals.
    8. Delete object history.
    9. Save scene (maya's save file).
    10. Export as FBX -- make sure "explicit normals" button is checked or UDK won't import it properly.


      I'd also like to see an article on how to get the most out of your FBX files.

      Good tips Synaesthesia, but something more in depth would be nice.


        yeah you don't have to set the scene Z up if you don't want too
        and you don't need to triangulate.

        animations are exported one at a time when using fbx unfortunately. No support for treating clips or ranges as 'takes' as of yet?

        mesh naming for exporting custom collisions

        UBX_meshName = simple box collision
        USP_meshName = sphere collision (may not work?)
        UCX_meshName = convex collision hull (you can have multiple collision hulls per mesh if you use a numbering suffix.. useful for more complicated static meshes)

        LOD naming I havent figured out yet.. is broken at this stage



          I'm sorry because I newbie in UDK but I have a probleme to exporter from 3DS.

          When I import a static mesh in UDK I have all the time the same message :

          "The light map UV set for static mesh [StaticMeshFactory_1] appears to have layout problems. Either the triangle UVs are overlapping one other or the UV are out of bounds (0.0 - 1.0 range)"

          Do you have an idea ?


            Ok, I have this :


              Ok, I've find this :


                Thank you everyone for your contribution so far.

                What we have is a good start, but I'm still hoping for the definitive FBX workflow tutorial... covering all the angles.

                PS. hi Devilshark - Just start a new thread with your question (instead of hijacking this one, with a different question) and I'll be pleased to help you out. It looks like you need to lay out your UV map. You might start by looking here: ;-)


                  If you do find it, be sure to post a link. I'm currently looking also so I'll do the same