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Thumbnails are black

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    Thumbnails are black

    Hey guys, I ran into a little annoyance:

    Any particular reason why certain thumbnails are failing to produce a snapshot while others are not? My only guess is that this was due to a scaling issue (I'm still trying to figure out the proper scaling for exporting).

    The only problem with my guess is that the doors that are not showing up in the thumbnail are NOT much smaller than the fortress or the landing pad. They were all scaled to eachother.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    Open them up and see if it's like that, you can reposition the viewport and save that as the default view which also updates the thumbnail


      Ok, so I went into the static mesh editor and it shows up fine in the viewport. I clicked on "Save new thumbnail angle" and nothing happened after I exited out of the editor. I even saved the package and everything.

      Any other ideas?

      EDIT: Nevermind, I had to apparently pull the camera away from the mesh. The mesh is small in scale, so the camera cut off anything zoomed up too close to the lens. It's just the near clip plane from the camera.

      Thanks for your help!