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What programs should i use?

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    What programs should i use?

    Hey all,

    Im pretty knew to UDK but i am getting the hang of it very fast.

    I was just wandering, apart from UDK, what other programs will i need to make characters, weapons, objects, animations and vehicles?

    I got the full versions of 3D Studio Max Design 2011, 3D Studio Max and Maya 2011. I got them because i have seen people talking about importing from them or something along those lines. I got them for free because i am still a student and i have a license to use them for three years so i guess even if they are not valuable for UDK i should still learn them right?

    I have a fair understanding how the UnrealScript functions and have messed around with a few gametypes and mock games i guess you can call them, but i want to start designing and importing my own weapons etc and maps... huge maps. (RPG - Shooter Kind of game)

    So if anyone could confirm if these programs are necessary or what programs would i need?

    I want to get pretty serious with this game so if anyone could recommend some good programs that would be awesome.

    Thanks all,

    Both 3D Studio and Maya can be used for creating meshes - static or skeletal for UDK so you're already pretty well set as UDK comes with export plugins for both. You'll need some sort of image editing software too, for textures - I use Photoshop CS2 but anything that can make layered images with alpha channels will suffice.


      well since you have your modeling program thats pretty much all your need to make your own models for udk i suggest photoshop, gimp, or mypaint for making textures(links below)


      once you have what you need is suggest following THIS TUTORIAL on how to model a m16 so you can get the basics of import,export and such

      hope this helps


        Thanks Echo-Leader and mikesdk, i forgot to mention i have photoshop CS4 extended.

        I will have a look at that tutorial and see what i come up with =D

        thanks for the really fast reply!!