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Need help animating in 3dsmax exporting to UDK

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    Need help animating in 3dsmax exporting to UDK

    Hi all, im new to the forum, and to the UDK also.

    I´m trying to animate a simple drawer opening in 3ds MAx and export the mesh and animation to UDK.

    I skinned the model and animated, but when i export with actorx he gives me the error "Unmatched node ID' Physique skin vertex erros encountered" , wich is caused by unlinked bones. The problem is, if i link the bones the animation will be ruined.

    Is there a better way to do this?


    A screenshot would help but if I had to guess at a solution I would separate the models with different unlinked bones and export each separately.


      You can use the bone tools to make bones act independently.

      Make sure you do have a proper skeletal hierarchy, in other words, you should have one origin on 0,0,0 and everything else should be linked to it either directly or through a tree.

      Any bone you want independent movement you can do the following...

      1. Select the bone, go to.. Animation -> Bone Tools
      2. Inside the Bone Tools, scroll down and expand.. Object Properties
      3. Uncheck the box.. Bone On

      This disables bone behaviors and then it's just like another dummy object. Although it's still linked, it will move around normally in stead of affecting it's parent.