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Model imported as a level?

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    Model imported as a level?

    Hey, guys. Just working on a little personal project at the moment; after a rather arduous ordeal extracting a fairly large model from another game that works as its own "level," so to speak, I have hit the fairly obvious roadblock that the Unreal engine sets before me: I can't import this thing as a static mesh to save my life, it's got upwards of 200,000 triangles.

    Half-textured (materials have been their own hell throughout this process), the full extent of the level still fits snugly in 3DS Max, and I can easily port it untextured into Blender, with the individual objects that compose the level intact and selectable individually.

    Is there any way to get this thing into Unreal as a working level with collision? Any other options besides chopping this thing up into a billion pieces? (Which would be one hell of a trip, since calling it unsymmetrical is quite the understatement.)

    You could break it down into it's elements. However I think for culling issues your going to need to break it down anyways into small sectors. If I recall correctly a static mesh will be loaded and drawn completely in memory and there is no cull on static meshes as there is on BSP. So with a smaller mesh the small parts out of view can be offloaded - where as a full mesh requires a beast to float in memory and all actions be applied to it.