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Max "Mirror" command on models screwing them up inside UDK..

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    Max "Mirror" command on models screwing them up inside UDK..

    The right side is the way it (the model mirror on left) should look but when I mirror the object (on left in pic), it shows up.. well, that way. Can anyone please tell me what is going on here?

    I am doing a simple mirror on objects, nothing else.

    Extra Info: The models aren't grouped. I just selected them all for export/import from max (works fine as long as I don't mirror anything). A Edit Mesh modifier applied to them all for export.

    PS: Ignore the extreme zoom-in on the wall.

    First, take better picture. I understand the problem, and this image does not show it.

    When you mirror any object in max or maya, this process flips the normals. You must reset Xforms (in max) and possible disable "show back faces" or "back face culling" (in maya for sure). In max, you should be able to select all those faces and click flip or add a normal modifier.


      Already tried flipping normals and resetting Xforms, it turns model black in max but I haven't tried importing it to UDK so far after doing that. Maybe I should try importing that way.

      I already knew it was flipped normals issue but seemed odd (since flipped normals don't usually look that way). Oh well, going to give it a try after flipping and see if that works