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Question: Program Suggestions?

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    Question: Program Suggestions?

    I want to get into the art of 3d modelling and I need to know some free(Or just low priced) 3d modelling programs that have a simple user interface and can be powerful if utilized correctly.

    I need to be able to produce models with a high enough quality to fit in with the current assets already in UDK.

    It would also help if you could supply links to tutorials, but I can find those on my own if you don't have time.

    I already know of Blender and Milkshape.


    3D Studio Max, there is a lot of tutorials over internet, really a lot! but is bad for modeling + subdivisions and very expensive.

    I like Modo for modeling and unwrap, it is really fast and easy (tutorials), but 1.000$.

    Silo is very powerfull for modeling and easy to understand and it is only $99 US. Tutorials

    You can download 30 days trial version and decide by yourself.


      Thanks for the suggestions, I will keep them in mind for if I ever have money.


        Originally posted by Blue Klayman View Post
        Thanks for the suggestions, I will keep them in mind for if I ever have money.
        Well... I just remember, there is a free version of 3D Studio Max, just for games. Gmax is a basic version of 3D Studio max, but it is free.


          Ahh, yes. I have actually tried it a few years ago. I will see how well it works for me now. Thanks again .


            You already know about blender.. and you should probably look at it more.. it's totally opensource which mean you don't have own it (like the others) in order to legally make money from it..

            blender tutes

            check the above link for tutes done by a mate of mine..

            also there's lots of other software out there thats free and you should also consider to use as part of your art pipe..

            High poly art --> sculptris

            material baking --> xNormal


              Don't waste your time with Gmax, it's so outdated with the tools it's useless, if you don't have the thousands to spend on better software, I'd stick with Blender, it really isn't that bad.

              And BTW, ikifenix is wrong about 3ds Max, it's got one of the best modeling toolsets available, and is perfect for video game modeling.

              Also, if you're a student, you can download free copies of Autodesk programs (3ds Max, Maya, Softimage) from their student site. They are 13-month student licenses, which means you can't make money off what you make, but it's still a great deal if you're a student.


                I'd also go with Blender. There's enough UDKers using it that you'll find a decent pool of tutorials specifically geared toward getting it to work well with UDK. It's definitely the free tool of choice around here.

                RE: Google search of Video tutorials for UDK Blender


                  All right, thanks a bunch guys. Really helps to know there is such a great community willing to help newbies here.

                  I think I will try and learn to use blender.