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Issue importing .psk and .fbx files from 3ds max

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    Issue importing .psk and .fbx files from 3ds max

    everytime i try to import a file with a skeletal mesh there have been issues with the import. however when I import as a static mesh that import process has been fine

    attached are the jpegs of my screenshots. the first being the 3ds model with the skeleton.

    the second being the static mesh import into udk as an .fbx

    and the third being the mesh being imported as a .psk

    I've tried just about everything in terms of deleting the key frames with the motions. straightening out the model. i can't figure out what is wrong. also when i try to import the skeletal frame as a straight fbx. udk just crashes.

    the biped that i am using is the female biped from 3ds max and the way i am attaching the vertices is through the vertex control points.

    Ok, for a start, im a Max 9 user. i dislike 2011's interface greatly so i dont know how much help this will be. Bones need to be attached using a Skin Modifier, Skin Morph or Physique and weighted properly, if you have even 1 bone that isnt weighted or a vertecie with 0 weights, it'll cause these results and/or a UDK crash. Try importing her in the base pose (as per your Static Mesh view). If the problem is in the PSA anim file, then try ticking "Use Rotation Only" on the animset tab, cos this fixes a few issues ive had..

    i hope some of that helps


      I've attached a physique modifier to the mesh and i guess i don't totally know what you mean by weights. I use the red vertices for the more organic bend and the green for more of a rigid bend and i don't have any blue vertices. I've tried exporting the base pose as well and it didn't seemed to have the same issue.

      attached is the jpeg of my skeleton

      I will try the other recommendations.


        i'm having the same issue, how did you resolve?