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Sketchup to UDK (including textures/materials) workflow?

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    Sketchup to UDK (including textures/materials) workflow?

    I am an simulation and game development instructor looking for a good, detailed tutorial (for people new to UDK and game development) on how to import a mesh created and textured in Sketchup to UDK with textures intact. Is it even possible to do this?

    I have used the plugin created by the ciommunity for Sketchup for this but I couldn't quite understand the exact workflow for importing the materials. I was able to import the mesh, no problem.

    I have also upgraded to Sketchup Pro and exported as an fbx file which I then import (and select import materials and import textures from the popup window in UDK). This creates the mesh and a material named the correct name from Sketchup-BUT that material is a similar color shade but devoid of all detail.

    Can someone help me out?

    Is it better to just import your textures as seperate tga files and apply them in UDK rather than spend the time to texture the meshes in Sketchup?


    As far as i know, its not practicle altho it "should" be possible providing the UVW map is intact. The thing with Sketchup meshes is that they generally have broken edges and un-welded vertecies regardless of how well you make it, your very best bet is to export to obj or 3ds or somthing that £ds Max, Maya or Blender (free) can read and then fix all of the export problems, map/texture it in your 3d package of choice and then export to UDK.

    Either way, you'll have to make material shaders for all your textures within UDK in order to apply them to a mesh, whichever way you do it =)


      Originally posted by Deliverance6 View Post
      ...broken edges and un-welded vertecies...
      If you take care of how you are modeling the weapon and eliminate those errors as they appear, you can get a pretty clean model, though... Blender only got me 2 wrong vertices in a 134k model when importing it...

      //edit: but you're right wit the UV and baking stuff, that should be done completely in Blender.


        Thanks for your help! What about Maya? We now have Maya on campus but before that we used Sketchup and generated quite a few meshes. I will try moving those into Maya and go from there.

        Can you guys point me to an in depth tutorial on importing meshes with textures into UDK? Its very important to me that texturing work we do in Maya be portable to UDK. That's what I'm hoping for anyway (fingers crossed).

        Thank again!


          Texturing work in Maya?
          You will have to make a difference between UV Maps and Textures

          UV Maps:
          Textures: These are simply images that fill the UV's spaces...


            We sometimes go from Sketchup to Maya to UDK. Export from Sketchup to Maya using FBX and clean them up and lay out UV. Then export to UDK from Maya as ASE. I haven't encountered a Sketchup model that doesn't require cleaning up and UV mapping in Maya. It wont be as simple as just clicking a few export button.