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[solved] Search : looking for a specific tutorial for XSI / Softimage

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    [solved] Search : looking for a specific tutorial for XSI / Softimage

    sorry to start this tread, but after long time for search on google and on this forum ( hard to search "xsi" because we can't search this word), I come here for you help people.

    So, I know there is a video tutorial on xsi to ut3 for creating a wepaon (muzzle flash, import into ut3, etc...) but I don't find the thread here on the udk forum who speak about it. And I don't find the link of these tutorial (recorded with camstasia I believe).

    Somebody know this tutorial ? Where I can found it ?

    Thanks you in advance.

    Anybody ? No ideas ?

    So, direct ask for what I want is more simple isn't ?
    I just want to know how I must configure my weapon for an export to the udk (muzzleflash, etc ?).


      Hi Froyok,

      I found this thread at 3D Buzz, linking to two XSI to UDK videos, although I'm not sure if they cover your configuration issue.


        Yeah, I know this thread, there is a similar thread on the udk forum about these videos !
        But unfortunately, it's not what I'm looking for. :\

        [EDIT] Ho ****ing sh*t, just found :
        Why it's always when you stop your research you found what you want ?