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    If possible use a occlusion texture in a object instead default value occlusion udk?

    And if possible, what option in material editor?

    Moreover, if possible reduce occlusion value in UDK... it's very hard to me :S

    thx ^^

    I'm not sure about the editor but it will save you memory resources if you just add it to your diffuse map in Photoshop.

    Just make it your top layer and set the blend mode to "MULTIPLY"


      Ohhh, good advice, very nice now, thanks

      But, someone knows if is possible changes de occlussion generate for UDK:

      I don't know how reduce this :S

      And, rare case: If you are far the occlusion "expands" :S

      but if you near, changes...



        That may be your lighting?
        Coming from Unreal Engine 3
        I don't have UDK.
        Other than that it may be a setting you have.


          That's what I think, the lighting, but I don't locate nothing options to change this :S


            In the content browser type UTPostProcess_Console and open it up.
            Also goto view/World Property's.

            Also i would turn off the UberPostProcess effect node to get rid of the bloody red saturation/This is a great sci fi effect but looks bad on wood or real world levels(Less u like the effect.....than whatever)


              The correct fix for the reddening is to add your own LUT, not to disable the node. That's just a hacky workaround.

              Also that darkening is ambient occlusion. It's the postprocess type, and can be tweaked in it's node in the same PP chain, not related to the world properties lightmap AO.


                Thanks for the info...........good to know, I was just pointing to where you could find all the AO settings.

                PS........AFF PLANETSTORMS showcase seems to have AO disabled, What was the reason for that?.



                  Hey Jetfire, could you elaborate more on the "correct solution" for disabling the reddening via a LUT?
                  Because I thought that it is absolutely ok to just disable that node or get rid of it entirely - if a post processing node wasn't needed the performance/power it would normally claim could go somewhere else.


                    re fixing the reddening 'properly':
                    Look at it like a more powerful way of colour balancing your level than messing with the old-style high/mid/low tone stuff in the world pp. Sure you could disable it entirely but it's a tool that should be yours to command, not throw away.

                    re Planetstorm- lightmap AO was disabled in world properties because our lead artist simply didn't like it, mainly because a lot of our assets have an AO map multiplied into the diffuse already anyway. pp AO should still definitely still be present, but it was a LOT more subtle back in the feb version of the udk that we built it on.

                    Seriously, I have no idea why Epic chose to leave the pp AO and the LUT on such gnarly-looking defaults, other than perhaps to make sure we used the features to fix them


                      Thanks very much!! ^^
                      With this options, now I job more correctly