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    Looks good overall, but the square nubs on the rails look bad to me. While making them truly to spec will burn up the poly count, you can always cheat a bit by having one long \_/ shaped box for the bottom of the rail and a bunch of /_\ shaped boxes on top of that.

    To save polygons on the forearm, you could skip the rail nubs altogether and use long chamfer boxes with a normal map to make it look like they have ladder covers on the exposed bits. Might look a bit weird if the player is constantly changing attachments and never sees the ladders come on and off, but that would be less jarring than block rails IMHO.

    [/gun nerd]


      In a few weeks when I get the weapon fully animated with some more usable attachments I'll post a video of the whole thing shouldn't take too long now, the base framework of the system is laid out just need the assets and a little bit of tweaking.


        Hey Topsy, I don't know which program you are using but I did this in Maya.

        Uploaded with

        I just took my high poly models normals and applied them to my low poly mesh. It doesn't look too bad I don't think and will save you loads on processing power.


          That's what I'm talking about! Yes you can fit a ton of polys in a game, not very elegant though. Topsy, you should probably post your work on Game-Artist forum for more accurate feedback


            You're going to get burned with all those simple, angular block shapes when it comes to normal mapping. Not to mention that nothing in the real world meets that sharply, you need to do some serious beveling and optimization. 10k is way too high for those razor edges.

            Problem is you've got a "medium low" model, it's not detailed enough to be high poly, and its far too high to justify itself in its current state as a real low poly. I'd take that guy and bevel those edges up, divide and call it your high poly. Then go back and very sparingly retopologize a true low poly model. My 2 cents.


              Amen to that. Like I said, the UDK forums are not the best place to be asking about artwork, if you want to know how to implement something into the engine, then this is the place. But if you want to know about how to make a game worthy model that is aesthetically attractive, you should post elsewhere, like