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Vehicle Physics Asset Problem

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  • Vehicle Physics Asset Problem

    Vehicle Physics Asset Problem

    ok as it says i have mulitiple physicsasset problems


    basically my physics assets are causing my vehicles to shake badly, has anyone got any ideas on how to fix it

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    i think it might have something to do with the physics material
    might be wrong?
    it happened to me
    it also happened with a very low poly model
    no idea how to solve it tho sorry


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      Sorry, I can barely hear you in the video. I was hoping you would show the physics asset simulated in the PHAT editor. when elements in the PhysicsAsset overlap, they tend to shake. you should disable collision between elements that are connected to the same bone chain that would interpenerate(overlap). Try hitting the simulate button in the PHAT editor, it should drop like a ragdoll and stop there(go to "sleep"). if it shakes around or wobbles then some elements must be colliding that shouldn't be.

      BTW, the flyer looks great.


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        nice idea Shelke but there's only one box and thats on the main bone !!!!
        and yes it does drop like a rock

        as a test today i made a copy of the cidicia PhyicsAsset then deleted all but one box, changed the default skelton to my flyer,changed the PhysicsMaterial to my own PhsMat, saved out, changed the name in the code file compiled, then started the game, guess what it worked fine !!! now i'm going to create a new vehicle on a another computer to see if i get the same problem with NEW PhysicsAssets

        ps. the model serves the perpose of testing only, i was going to release all the content of my video tutorials so that others can study it and learn


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          It would be interested to know what this problem is, as it sounds like some sort of formating issue. Keep us posted please .


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            Originally posted by geodav View Post
            ps. the model serves the perpose of testing only, i was going to release all the content of my video tutorials so that others can study it and learn
            awesome i was hoping you would do that


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              well after trying a few things it still doesn't work properly

              1st i made a new flyer 1k polys still wobbles (not happy)
              2nd creted a new PhysicsAsset for my Tank on this computer (Vista 32) no joy same problem (laptop Win7 64).

              so i'm at a loss atm, i might try and go back to UT3 make the content package and then try that in UDK.

              Has anyone else had these problems

              ps. when everthing is done (fixed) i'll release code+content


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                Olde thread but like me other people will come across it.

                My low poly vehicle had worse shakes than Geodav's. I remade the physicsAsset as suggested above (right click on the skeletalmesh > make New PhysicsAsset) so it overwrote mine that I'd modified. Tested in pie and the physic remake was fine, no shakes. My vehicle isn't a regular square shape - VW Golf slanted sides etc - and players will be jumping all over it so the physics need to be fairly true to the vehicle's shape. I'll need to take it slowly re-constructing the new Physics to avoid the shakes again.