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Free for download; Photoshop inspired blending widgets

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    Free for download; Photoshop inspired blending widgets

    If this has been posted in the wrong section, please let me know.

    I dont know about the rest of you, but as a graphic artist I am rather addicted to the layer blending modes of Photoshop. So much that I kind of missed their presence within UDK. Sure, the basic effects (such as multiply and additive blends) could be made rather easily, but others were painfully lacking in my opinion.

    So instead, I did some research online and have now got myself a set of custom blendmode tools for use with the material editor. Far from perfect, that is true (I am not a hardcore programmer nor really proficient with UDK, so I made some Frankensteins of sorts), but still very usable. If you have made a better version or improved on mine, do not hesitate to share it .

    And here they are! I am sure that there are some graphic artists out there who could use a blending mode widget in UDK without having to create extensive networks of widgets.

    There are a total of 21 blending modes (with one mode being customizable). Each mode takes a base input and a blend input. The ones named with commutative can have their blend and base switched.

    I have included two materials; the one named custom contains all the shaders above and a customizable HSL shader. The HSL shader works a little bit different; it also comes with three constants. These are to switch between the RGB channels of both the blend and the Base image, to create different effects (0 is the channel of the base material, 1 is the channel of the blend material). The goal of the HSL shader is to emulate the "Hue", "Saturisation", "Color" and "Luminosity" blending modes in Photoshop. Due to the nature of converting RGB to HSL and back, I think this is pretty much the most demanding blend though.

    The custom contains all the shader data summarized within a custom code widget. I am not sure how heavy it is to produce at realtime, but I do know that I couldnt get some effects to work otherwise (or not as clearly).

    The widget based contains all the blending modes I created through widgets. It contains the obvious easy ones and some more intrinsic ones. The more complicated versions however are only available through the custom widgets.

    To use one, just copy/paste it into your own. I have mostly tested it using the PostEffects chain (using a material effect), but so far I am liking the results.

    As for the sources I used to create the blending modes:

    Sounds interesting. haven't test it yet but functions like "overlay could come in handy for stuff such as normal map blending in comparison to the classic vertex multiplying method.


      Awesome Job thanks for your work and share! Theirs a small problem nothing big but i think you should know it.

      After fully load the package i get this error msg.

      Can't find file for package 'SoftToonShader' while loading ..\..\UDKGame\Content\*******\Packages\BlendModes. upk
      Can't find file for package 'SoftToonShader' while loading NULL

      SoftToonShader.Textures.Tex_Base (Check the log to see all references!)
      SoftToonShader.Textures.Tex_Blend (Check the log to see all references!)
      Here is what the log contains.

      Log: Failed to load 'SoftToonShader': Can't find file for package 'SoftToonShader' while loading NULL
      Warning: Failed to load 'SoftToonShader.Textures.Tex_Blend'! Referenced by 'BlendModes.Materials.BlendModes_WidgetBlendModes_ Custom:MaterialExpressionTextureSample_*' ('Engine.MaterialExpressionTextureSample:Texture') .
      Log: Failed to load 'SoftToonShader': Can't find file for package 'SoftToonShader' while loading NULL
      Log: Missing cached shader map for material BlendModes_CustomBlendModes_Custom, compiling.
      Warning: Failed to compile Material BlendModes.Materials.BlendModes_CustomBlendModes_C ustom for platform PC-D3D-SM3, Default Material will be used in game.
      Log: Missing cached shader map for material BlendModes_WidgetBlendModes_Custom, compiling.
      Warning: Failed to compile Material BlendModes.Materials.BlendModes_WidgetBlendModes_C ustom for platform PC-D3D-SM3, Default Material will be used in game.
      Anyway thanks again


        Ah, that would indeed be my mistake. Before I ellaborate, do these errors in any way impact the way the blending modes work? As in, they dont work at all?

        I have been experimenting with creating a toon shader that I can blend using effects to get close to my personal coloring style, to see how it would uphold within a game engine (which is my main reason I started this thing and, dare I say it, so far it seems I actually succeeded). However, when I started this, I realized only after creating it that it would be nice to share as well. Therefore, I copied the materials out of the existing package into a new one, but maybe the copy was not entirely successful as it seems.

        Though, the PC-D3D-SM3 error seems like a foreign language to me; I dont quite understand that one. If it is regarding a missing base/blend texture, I am absolutely sure I took care of them before I put them online. This would not matter, as you can just plug in any texture into the base(A) and blend(B) inputs. But, if the problem is different, then I am afraid I hope someone else knows the solution...


          No everything works great as far as i can see. I think he simple try to find the toonshader references you did, no big deal at all. Resaving has solved the "error" for me, i think the PC-D3D-SM3 line refers to the blank base and blend slot inside the HSL Shader Blend Node again no big deal. Adding the textures you've provided to it will solve the problem.


            anyone have a mirror for this since the sendspace link has expired?

            Best regards // jorgen


              Also interested in checking this out, so wouldn't mind a mirror