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Script for zbrush to 3ds max

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    Script for zbrush to 3ds max

    Not sure if this is old news......

    Im new to 3ds max and was looking for a way to export my models in zbrush with textures and all to 3ds max.....Then from there straight to UDK

    I stumbled upon GoMax 1.9

    If you have zbrush 3.5r3 and 3ds max 2008, 2009, 2010

    then get this script

    Can't you just save the model in zbrush as an .obj, then import it with 3DS?

    But this script does look like it can make workflow quicker.


      it makes the work flow alot quicker...... I did try to export my zbrush model as an obj..... once i opened it in 3ds max.... It was a blank model (no colors, textures, materials)

      I tried looking for tuts for exporting from zbrush to 3ds max... i didnt find any.... i did find a 3ds max to zbrush then back too 3ds max tutorial..... but it involved to many steps and stupid me got lost....

      The GoMax 1.9 script did the job for me with literally a click of a button.... Also the Script can optimize zbrush for you..... I used to have to wait like 30 seconds but now it opens much faster


        Cool, I'm gonna try it out when I get time.