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Bizziarre triangular dark patches on humanoid?

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    Bizziarre triangular dark patches on humanoid?

    I've been working on my first humanoid. I can't say I'm an amazing human modeler, but there's an issue that I need to get fixed before I export from max...

    As you can see, there are wierd triangles on the side of this human. I duplicated one side and then bridged the two together, but these triangles appear on both sides. I tried to look for extra polys as bridge has created before, but there are none. They don't show up in max, only appearing when I render. I am at a loss.

    you may have a few extra verts in there that got moved and you just can't see it

    or there are faces inside making it where you cant target weld these polys together ... you may want to look into that ... but IDK, i have never run into this problem before