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Requirments for Custom Weapon

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    Requirments for Custom Weapon

    Hello I have been searching around and trying to find a video tutorial or just plain tutorial about the requirements for a custom weapon model in the UDK. I have found several tutorials regarding how to import it and implement it but we are trying to create a sword and put it in our game. I haven't had any luck on this subject so if anyone knows what I would need to do it would be much appreciated to have your aid.


    the japanese one you can translate with google translator or something else.
    the other one is english.

    I recommend to just add my blog to favorites. I will upload the suggested list trough my progress in udk. So it helps everyone.

    Btw. the animation is the same.. just do the animation and use the second link.. what you learned trough that to make it "hit" ^^


      Thank you for posting a reply it's much appreciated.


        Swords aren't any different than "guns", they're all just models. To get them in-game, assuming you've modeled and imported them into the UDK editor:

        - Open any UTWeap_*.uc file, go down to default properties, that is where you define for your weapon what model it will use (skeletal mesh). Look at the Begin Object areas, then look at the names of the files they reference, then go find those files in the UDK editor to confirm that you're looking at the section that defines the weapon model.
        - In your CustomGameType .uc file (if you don't understand this, go see Hourences or other similar tutorials where they have you create some sort of GameInfo or CustomGame type), you put a line like the following in the defaultproperties:
        DefaultInventory[0] = class'YourGame.YourWeaponName'
        where YourGame is the name of the package that contains your weapon file (e.g., MyMod.MeleeWeapon if you were using the MyMod directory off of development/src).