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    Originally posted by GRoss View Post
    As Kat and myself earlier mentioned - as long as you have Blender and Python installed, just open the script in the text editor and run in. Nothing can go wrong in this situation.
    Unless they press a few keys before hand and 'break' the script as a result

    @ ziuber18: check you have your collision hulls set up properly


      Hey all

      hope this helps

      1: open up blender
      2: go to help and scroll all the way down to systems
      3: click on system information
      4: change your 3d view to text
      5: there should be a button that looks like 2 arrows on pointing up and one pointing down click it and look for system-info.txt
      6: look for a line that looks like this at the end
      "\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts"
      7: that is where u want to place the script
      8: after u put the script in that folder and with blender still open change the view to scripts in the script menu there is a button that says "update menus"

      after you did that it should be in there