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Softimage models too small

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  • Softimage models too small

    Hi, I'm using softimage modtool 7.5 and have exported several meshes into unreal; but too scale it to the proper proportions, which is many times the size of the default grid. Is there a way to convert the grid to unreal units? I'm really sick of importing my ref mesh

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    1 unit of undefined size type is 1 unit no matter where. Learn how to set the matching grids and scale models so their proportions match.


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      1 XSI unit = 1 UDK unit.

      PS. Just for test: Create cube with lenght 1. Then using Scale tool (under Transform panel) rescale it to 128x128x128 and export it to UDK. You`ll see that your cube will have the same size as in XSI.

      If you wanna change your grid size - press Ctrl+Shift+S in XSI and go to Visual Cues (Floor/Grid setup).


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        For settings your grid :
        Click on the eye :

        Click on the visibility tag :

        And on the tab "visual cue" set you grid size :

        (As say before, xsi and udk use the same unit (inch), and remerber that the player is 96 inch high)


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          Nice job guys thanks for droping some Softimage science on Dregoloth.