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    Maya issues

    This isn't exactly UDK related, although it is somewhat since i'm importing this model into the editor but want to render it first. When i choose to render my object in Maya, all textured and everything, lighting set up, all i get is a grey render. No textures, poor lighting, whats going on? I fixed up my Mental Ray settings, and nothings working. I render with the default maya render, and the same thing happens. For some reason the renders are showing up grey. I checked the display and its set on All channels. Whats going on? Any help will be appreciated.



    Can you give me a snapsot of your material setup for the model, if its all showing up grey then it sounds asif it has no file textures assigned to the material.

    OR its possible your using a PSD texture, which has problems when it comes down to rendering, does it all show fine in the maya viewport?

    How experianced are you with maya? just So i can get a rough idea on the best way to help out. i've been using it for about 5 years now so I'm able to dish out advice here and there to help anyone, but its helpful for me if I know where anyone else is at.


      Delete History
      Freeze Trasnsformation
      Change materials and reconnect textures

      Give us picture


        I've been using it since '08. I consider myself an intermediate user, not as advanced as you probably are. I am not using PSD textures or anything. I'm sure that the textures are assigned to the models, it changes colors in the viewports. I don't know if its a setting or something for MR that i might have touched that caused it to act like this. I have lights set up and everything, and its poorly lighten. I'm using Mental Ray materials, mia_material_x to be exact. I applied a bump to it, altered a few settings and thats it. I'm on a different comp right now, but i'll take some screens when I get home tomorrow night. Hope you can help me figure this out.


          Are you choosing the render as Mental ray as well? Some things just don't render properly (like normal maps for instance) in normal maya default renderer, you might have actually set up the mental ray preferences but have you selected to actually render in mental ray?

          This would explain a grey material with no light information when rendering (as you are using MIA materials).