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The best way to skin biiiig object ?

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    The best way to skin biiiig object ?

    i've a bridge...
    this one

    it's about 8000 UUS !

    now, baking all texture in just on picture with size 1024x1024 i will loose the definition and the detail of the textures.. any suggestion ?
    atm, in game, i've a mesh with 5 materials, it didn't look too heavy, but my scene is pretty empty

    The bridge you're showing could easily be done with a 2048x2048, or even a 1024x1024 without losing much definition. Just overlap UV's that use the same material/texture, if you need more UV's then cut it up a bit more.

    For example, that path doesn't have to be one long texture, it could easily be a small tiled texture as the pattern is repeating. The same goes for pretty much all your model.

    If you want more room then split your pillars from your mesh. Or even cut your mesh in half as it's symmetrical.


      thnx for reply
      2048 can be a solution, i will cut the bridge 2 times, so i'll bake the texture just 1/4 of the meshes and then i'll simmmetry 2 times
      i just that will not be too evident


        as piranhi said, splitting the pillars from the mesh is one obvious solution. not only will it make your mesh smaller, it will also be better as far as optimization goes. 4x of the same smaller models > 1 big model. It only loads the pillar into memory and redraws it when needed rather than being forced to render all the pillars all the time. Same goes for splitting the mesh into half or a quarter and just repeating it.

        Judging by your post you seem to lack a fundamental knowledge of UV mapping, I only see at most 6 relatively small repeating textures. That would be the best way to go really. Just make 6 seperate materials (even the most detailed wont need to be any bigger than 512x512) and apply them separately to the various parts of the mesh and that way you can re-use them whenever you want in other meshes or parts of the map.

        Look up some tutorials on uv mapping, and texturing models in general if you need more information on how to do this. Sorry I don't have any on hand.