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    Texture Pan

    Suppose that i've a texture with 2 windows glass.
    one is when light is turned off and one when inside the house there are some lights on.

    Now i need a way to tell to the material editor to select just half of my texture.
    i guess that i need to use TexCoord but with it i can't say the coord x y where the window is positioned inside the texture

    any advice ?

    (pretty difficult to explane it with my english lol sorry about that )

    the pan can be made by selecting the surface, and hitting F4 key

    find a nice way to tell to the game to pan the texture of 128pixels at the 8 o'clock and then
    turn it back at 6 o'clock it's another story


      To pan by half of texture size use ceil node. Like this:

      Value in time even one half odd numbeers other half of texture.

      But for day night, you can use linear interpolation node. Connect 2 textures to inputs and 0-1 variable to alpha for smooth transition.