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Trouble with meshes in unreal

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    Trouble with meshes in unreal

    i dont know if some one can help me but i am having trouble when importing meshes into unreal engine in 3ds max they lock fine and connected but when i put it into unreal there are gaps missing in 3ds max in unreal engine

    all the verts welded? Xform reset? maybe normals are flipped.


      is there any way to check all those


        there is a tut around here or in perhaps one of the UDK videos that shows how to export a model.. You may have not checked something off in one of the boxes in the export process as well.. Umm.. as far as checking.. try selecting a vertex and then moving it away from its position.. if there is another vertex there after you move it then that is the problem.. or make a selection around a vertex and look at the vertex count for that vertex.. should have a unique vertex number shouldnt not say.. vertices 2 or 3 or whatever.. just vertex #2 or 3 or what have you.. or run a stl check on the model in the modifier panel.. might only work in editable poly mode..

        curious as to why your mesh is editable mesh and not editable poly?


          I was thinking it might be the normals going the wrong direction as well. I had a model looking similar to this (with the gaps), I went back and check my normals and they were flipped.

          I don't know how to check in Max, I use C4D, then export in Max. Sorry. : \


            I had this problem too.

            I'm pretty sure that the problem is that your object has vertexes that are too close together.

            Here's how I fixed it.

            I scaled the object up to 1000% of its real size, then reset the x-forms and exported it. The export process saw the vertexes as a large distance apart, and exported all the polygons.

            Then I re-scaled it down again in the engine.

            However, no matter how I do it, I'm unable to get the UVW mapping for the LightMass build to work. It's a total mess.



              Let's hope in a good working .fbx import to get the models inside the UDK this would save a lot of the problems many are experiencing included myself to import models inside the udk.
              I was used to to that job ina few minutes not hours this is right now the real and maybe only problem but it's a big one, import need more choices and formats or at least a good implementation of a standard like the fbx


                Export as ASE, forget FBX and Collada.

                Make sure to have these options set