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What is needed in total? (getting a visual of the process)

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    What is needed in total? (getting a visual of the process)

    ok what I'm trying to get a grip on is this:

    I want to make a custom character, made of multiple parts(like ut3 but not useing any premade art content or anims), has animation, and functionality for ragdoll physics.

    what I've got/understand already:

    In 3Ds Max.
    I have a rigged, textured multipart Mesh.
    I have a control rig (like biped)(constrained to above skeleton)(wont be exported but will pose above with and then bake animations to above)

    Note: as a test I exported each part and imported them into UDK no problem. I used the same naming covesion for the bones as UT3, to make things easier till I get a grip. so at least I know that part looks ok.

    .psk don't have animation
    .psa have animation

    now from the content side of things what I don't understand:

    when making a custom animated character(multipart), during the process how many different types of rigs are there? Edit: we have our .psk(parts arms,legs etc... with no animation), but do the .psa rigs need any visual mesh and if it does should it be like a single version of the multi part actor used for the .psk's or can the mesh look like anything(i.e simple human form)? (understood)

    I've read about a master skeleton, is this a .psk or .psa? I assume it has no animation. does the mesh for this skeleton have to look like anything in particular?Edit: what is it imported as (new animset?)

    Edit: when creating animations(in max for the .psa), do I, for example, animate a walking anim -> export .psa ->clear that animation -> animate a crouching animation -> export .psa -> repeat for all animations or have on long stream in Max with all animations then just export the whole lot as a single .psa?(understood)

    Is there a physics rig that need to be exported from max seperately or do u use one of the above?

    after Importing all this what tools in the UDK are needed to be use? so far I gather AnimTree,AnimSet,Matinee,Phat any others?

    other than above I assume the rest is done in Unreal script is that right?


    Sorry if this is long winded, I haved looked through the doc and have looked at a lot of tutorials over the last few days(and got alot from them), but I am a visual person, and It really helps me understand and work things out faster once I get a clear picture of the overall process and more importantly the things need to achieve said goal. I'm sure other out there will find the answers useful aswell.

    thank you very much if anyone can help me get a clear picture of this process .