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Modeling to size in MAYA

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    Originally posted by D-Rez View Post
    I found this to be helpful for setting up the correct scaling in Maya - specifically the last post on the page:

    Here's a quote from the one I found useful:

    "If you want to make it easy to keep scale, set your grid in maya to set your length and width to 500, your grid lines every: to 256 and your subdivision every 16. Then every grid square is a 16 by 16 unit, so you can easily work in 1 foot increments. Also, one other thing that helps with unreal, try your best to keep things in powers of 2. So try and make your wall sections 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 units long. This helps out A LOT with grid snapping inside unreal."

    So far it seems to work fine for me. I also use an example rig/character for UT3/UDK in Maya as a scale guide when making my static meshes.

    Hope that helps!

    Yeeees this is very correct when creating static meshes for level building. Always use power of two for grid snapping.