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How to use a detail mesh?

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  • How to use a detail mesh?

    Im using Maya 9, and ive created a static mesh model that I want to import into the UDK, Ive made both models, the detail and a lower version render mesh. is there a way that im to go about saving them in maya or are they refrenced to eachother in the UDK?

    are there any tutorials that explain this, the official one dosnt really go into the workings of applying the detail mesh, if in maya or udk ect..

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    unfortunately this is nothing to do with the UDK.

    a detail mesh, also known as a hipoly mesh, is for use in the process called Normal Baking, where all the detail of the hipoly mesh is rendered into the Normal Map texture of the lowpoly mesh. the normal map then controls the way light is reflected from the surface of the lowpoly mesh, taking over from the polies and vertices.

    there are a gazillion tutorials on this procedure elsewhere on the web, its definately something that is done before going anywhere near the UDK

    you will need to know about uving your lowpoly mesh so that textures are correctly mapped onto the surface, and how to bake textures in maya. manual time!


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      Thanks for the help strangelet, Now that I got a basic idea of where to start looking and how the process workes I can start somewhere. My Model was looking rather pathetic sitting there in all low-res..