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    New Member Static Mesh Import question

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

    My question seems fairly obvious but I have been struggling with it all day.
    I want to know how to import a texture for a static mesh into unreal. I am having no problem importing the model itself but the texture is a whole different matter.
    The process I have tried to use to import the texture is to open up the model in 3ds max 2010, select render to texture, then importing the output file into unreal and creating a material from it. However every time I do this the texture doesn't fit the model correctly and instead just seems to copy a small image of itself repeatedly over the surface of the model.

    Is my problem with the way I rendered/imported texture or the way I set up the material?

    I set up the material by taking the texture and dragging a connection from it to the diffuse spot on the material node. I also left all the render to texture settings at default.

    Sorry for hijacking, but how do you import static meshes? I can import characters with bones, but how do I import buildings and props that got no bones?



      In max, have you reassigned the new texture, in a new material, to your mesh ? If yes, it should appear correctly in max.

      If yes but it doesn't show right :

      Have you selected the right mapping channel in the diffuse configuration of your new material ? This one must match the one you chose when you made the render to texture.

      (In the render to texture config : Use Automatic-unwrapping - Channel n°?? )

      @johanz : Export selected then save as ASCII scene export (*.ase), it will be recognised as a static mesh and not anymore as a skeletal mesh.


        Alright thanks you for the assistance. I managed to figure it out. I wasn't pressing the render uv button after I applied the unwrap uv modifier to the model in max. I was also not positioning the unwrapped UV properly.