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Importing model texture from blender?

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    I assume you are using the procedural textures or something similar.

    It should be possible (though I admit I've not tried it out myself, I've only done normal and Ambient Occlusion baking) to bake the textures to the UV map. You would need to have done the UV unwrapping of your model first using the automatic modes might be enough. The bake process would take the current textures and render them to the UV map that could then be saved and used in ue3.

    there are some details here on various baking functions here

    hope this helps

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  • started a topic Importing model texture from blender?

    Importing model texture from blender?

    Is there a way go get the textures i have applied onto my model ive made in blender, to import into udk editor with the mesh? or a way to export the texture from blender in a uv format? thanks for your help, i know this isnt a blender forum but people on thier forum probally wouldnt know about ue3.