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Please help: I want directional light in one level, but not in any others

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    Please help: I want directional light in one level, but not in any others

    This has been on the back burner for months. I keep working on other things, and then coming back to this problem. I'm sure someone must have figured it out, but I can't find any solutions. I want to make an outdoor daytime level, and an indoor level, and keep them open at the same time, without the outdoor level's directional light (sunlight) lighting up the indoor level.

    I could light all of my levels with spotlights, but even with my spotlights way out (100,000 uus or more) I still notice the shadows change direction as I walk around the map. Or I could unload a level every time I load a new one, but that's going to be a huge pain if I ever spawn pawns that are still standing in the disappearing level (or if I want to look out a window, or into a cave, or if I want to stream levels seamlessly, etc. etc.). It looks like we used to be able to use Light Volumes, but those got removed years ago. ( I also tried messing with lighting channels, with mixed success: You can change what channels a light affects, but you can't change what channels a BSP gets lit by. (

    I'm thinking I might have to stop using BSP entirely, use static meshes for everything, create a different lighting channel for every level, set all of my directional lights to use only the channel in their level, and maybe create one dynamic directional light for the whole game that affects only dynamic actors. That seems like a lot of work to do what light volumes used to do for us.

    you should stop using BSP anyway, nowadays it's just for level blocking

    lighting channels would probably work but I'm not sure how that affects LightEnvironments in general

    there's probably other ways to do it but it would be useful to know if you're using Lightmass or just dynamic lighting, and how the indoor/outdoor transitions are meant to be


      You're probably aware but I'll just throw it out there anyway, you can export your BSP brushes as .fxb from the editor, import it into your 3D modeling program of choice and edit (if need be), unwrap, etc... and then re-import in place of your brushes.
      Regardless though, @Chosker is right, you shouldn't be using BSP in a final product.

      Good Luck