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How to speed up a sound over time?

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    How to speed up a sound over time?

    I have an infinitely looping sound effect that increases in pitch the faster the character is traveling based on a parameter in my SoundCue. I also need the speed of the effect to increase so the length (in time) of each loop of the sound effect shortens (preferably with the same parameter).

    I have not been able to figure this one out, any advice is widely appreciated.


    I geuss you are using Kismet. do you have a screenshot?


      No, I'm not using Kismet. TBH my experience with Kismet is rather limited and I don't know how I would achieve this with Kismet.
      I am currently using the "Continuous Modulator" node in the Sound Cue Editor to achieve the effect mimicking that of the manta engine:
      SoundCue'A_Vehicle_Manta_UT3g.SoundCues.A_Vehicle_ Manta_EngineLoop'