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How would I tile a texture in the same direction, regardless of object rotation?

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    How would I tile a texture in the same direction, regardless of object rotation?

    I have a tiling brick road texture. I want to make a material that keeps the texture facing the same direction regardless of the direction I point the mesh. Does anyone know how I would do that?


    Use the parameterised vector on the red and green channels to control the amount of tiling you want, the higher the number the larger each tile will be and you can scale them independently as you so desire.

    Hope this helps


      Thanks very much! I'll give that a try.


        Happy to help,

        Also, I probably should have mentioned, if you do get strange results then check to see how the mesh was unwrapped, if you're using multiple instances of the same mesh then there shouldn't be any issues but if you are using other meshes then try to keep them as similarly aligned as possible.

        Another possibility could be using a singe connected mesh over the whole area solely acting as the floor with only the up facing polys. I had an odd area in one of my maps that I couldn't get to look acceptable with multiple instances and had to resort to making it all one. Not the ideal solution but you do what you have to to get the job done.