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Try to settle some boolean system with kizmet

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    Try to settle some boolean system with kizmet

    Hi, I am trying to settle a pretty simple boolean system with kizmet. i manage with kizmet to settle a system in wich , if 2 switch were activated, someting happen. Now I tried to make someting sligtly different. I want that if switch 1 is desactivated, someting happen , however. I wanbt that if Switch 1 is activated there someting different that happen depending if switch 2 is activated or not.

    Like(just an exemple)
    Switch 1 desactivated: Door close.

    Swich 1 Activated switch 2 activated: Green light open
    Switch 1 Activated switch 2 desactivated: Blue light open

    I try some solution and fail miserably, any idea?

    For this case you need use the 'int' values to compare, i always do this way. add a 'int' for each time use' trigger', and use 'compare int'.