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UDK Simple Desert Scene - Process and a quick guid

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    UDK Simple Desert Scene - Process and a quick guid

    First of all i apologize for my poor english if i make a mistake !!!
    This is my first post here and i want to show my Process of making a desert scene in UDK using Maya , Mud Box and Photoshop Applications.
    so please remind me any point or thing that help me to make it looks better. thanks a lot my friends

    1. Finding good refrences

    2.Creating 3d meshes from refrences with proper UV in Maya

    3.Level decorating with 3d meshes in Maya

    4.Creating Environment probs in maya (and again with a good UV)

    5.Sending Probs to mud Box to create diferent maps (Diffuse , AO , Normal , Specular)

    UDK Simple Desert Scene -Part II

    6. Importing everything to UDK and creating Materials with imported 2D textures

    7.Creating material for a Particle is a bit diffrent

    8.Assigning materials to objects and making collision and light map for them

    8.Creating Dust Particle from material


      UDK Simple Desert Scene -Part III

      9.Bringing the level objects to scene from Content browser (we decorate them in maya so we dont need to redecorate them)

      10.Adding some probs like Rocks or Dust or ....

      11. DOF and Some PostProcessing

      12. A simple Beauty Shot with some Color correction and etc.

      ================================================== =====
      I am waiting to hear your suggestions and Criticisms
      And again Thanks


        In relation to your own work, what do you think about what this guy has done in UE4?


          Looks good but it coud be better.The sands texture/normal map have too many wrincles.It shoud be close to flat surface leaving only the sharp edges lines at the top of sand hills.Right now the sand looks more like a rock surface covered with sand.Make it flat and for those ¨sand wrinkles¨ make them bigguer and just a fiew placed in random spots.Theres is wind there so the sand is constantly moving and it shoud be more flat(depending on the region).The sand needs a very light specular map which shoud be something like a black and white grain(a lot of blured dots) to give it more natural effect.


            Sure, thanks a lot


              Something was bothering me if i give you a good advice...Went to google images and typed desert sand and there is so much variation there.I saw something similar as to what you have here so in the end i supose its a question of aesthetic.There are so many variations so that i may have said something not 100% correct there.Still i like something like this


                5.Sending Probs to mud Box to create different maps (Diffuse , AO , Normal , Specular)
                - Can you make a tutorial for step 5 please? I do not know how to make/ extract the base textures in mudbox.

                i posted about where i struggle here:

                If you could show how you create the "different texture maps", with quick examples i would appreciate it.


                  Originally posted by TKBS View Post
                  - Can you make a tutorial for step 5 please? I do not know how to make/ extract the base textures in mudbox.

                  Are you fimiliar with maya and UV editor of maya? becouse i am not fimiliar with 3d max
                  if you are then i will make a detailed tutorial for Unwraping a character in maya and mudBoxing it and extracting the textures for using in UDK.


                    I have Maya installed but never really used it, i guess its the same as using 3dsmax, mudbox etc.

                    * A tutorial would be great but not for character models.. I know lots of people would appreciate it, especially me.
                    Character models have easy seams (the same as real life clothes), and there are thousands of Character unwrap tutorials, all exactly the same.

                    In return maybe i can offer you some feedback and maybe some help with your environment.

                    as for my model:
                    I have tried for a few days now to get this done, most people get it done in a few hours so obviously my methods are rubbish and i am doing something wrong but no one has explained a way to unwrap it yet

                    I thought it was possible to paint on a model using mudbox and export it as a texture, but the results i get are extremely messy and it asks for a UV first, which negates the point of using Mudbox because i can use Photoshop



                      yes i think the main functions is same in both of those applications, so i will create a cave intrance such as yours and then i will show the unwrapping steps in maya.i hope it helps you


                        A Quick Guid to UV Unwraping (For Dear TKBS)

                        Hi Dear TKBS. I hope it helps you.
                        Step 1:
                        Creating Base Model of entrance in Maya / Max / others without touching any UV Cordinates or other things.just MESH

                        Step 2:
                        Sending the Base mesh to MudBox and start Sculping

                        Step 3:
                        Retoploging the sculpted mesh

                        Step 4:
                        Sending back the new mesh to Maya / Max / ....


                          A Quick Guid to UV Unwraping Part II

                          Step 5:

                          At this moment we should select the faces that are in same Direction. For Example the faces that mostly are in X Direction (X Axies)
                          another tip for selecting the faces is Selecting them through camera view (Front, Side, Top) and Creating the UV of selected faces By a Planer Mapping

                          Step 6:

                          this is the Edge Borders of Mesh UV (Seams)

                          Step 7:

                          We can Sew the Border Edges by together if we like !!!

                          Step 8:

                          Sending Back the mesh from Maya / Max / ... to mud box And Extract the normal map or other maps From High poly mesh to Low poly


                            Great stuff, i will promote this thread whenever this stuff is relevant.

                            This is nothing special, just a quick example. I have not tried "sewing", but the rest was fine.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	quickexample.jpg
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                            ^^ The rendering process made the whole process easier, i was too stressed with the UV unwrapping to realise how much the rendering would help define the texture.

                            I have a little problem with the rendering. On the one side it looks a bit Inverted... any ideas?


                              Originally posted by TKBS View Post
                              I have a little problem with the rendering. On the one side it looks a bit Inverted... any ideas?
                              what is the last Pass that you extract? Specular - Normal - Diffuse - AO - ???
                              it is like a kind of filtered version of Diffuse texture!!!!!
                              those dark lines can be seen in the diffuse texture.
                              Did you use a light Source in your scene???
                              or Did you change mesh normals???