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Weird particle alignment glitch. Help needed.

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    Weird particle alignment glitch. Help needed.

    Hi all, learning UDK (and moving up to UE4 later) and came across an odd bug when playing with particles.,QBjxfd6,gc94DK5#0

    So first and second image are captured using screenshot, which only gets one frame - so the full effect is not visible in these. Third image shows the effect how it is visible (though I had both spirals on in it for some reason) as this is taken with my phone camera.

    As you can see, the particles in the editor looks the same for both 1 and 2 - exactly what I want. A spiral using the Orbit module and vertical velocity. Easy peasy. In theory, this works great. But in the level, the particle rotation seems to get confused between the spiral's direction and the vertical, so keep flickering between the two orientations.

    I am sure it's the Z velocity that's confusing it as if I turn off initial velocity, it forms a ring (from the Orbit) and does not flicker between the alignments.

    It happens under both DX9 and DX11.


    66 views and noone has any idea? Is anyone able to help at all, this glitch really has me curious.


      Sry sometimes it's the effort to think about your problem when I'm trying to solve my own XD

      Not sure if you're using a mesh or a texture but anyway I would orient the particle to the travel direction you want, although certainly Cascade could do that for you. Working with particle systems I wing it with each one individually and each time learn a little more.

      What you've done looks pretty amazing I've never done that and don't know how. However turning the 'hyphen' to orient with spiral as per your pic, would that look so good? Would it look like dashes in a spiral row? Personally instead of using 'hyphens' I'd use little stars for the effect - imo, your pic it's magical style. Unless someone else can help, here's some links, old and new: