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[SOLVED]How do I stop decals from fading the further the player is?

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    [SOLVED]How do I stop decals from fading the further the player is?

    Hey, I got a problem that is rather annoying. I have decals in my level and they seem to get fainter and fainter the further the player is from them. i tried fiddling with the LOD settings and all the others but it still does it. The odd thing is though, one of the decals in the level doesn't fade. It is an exact copy of a decal on the wall adjacent to it, all the same settings and everything, yet it doesn't fade.

    I copied the 'immune' Decal and made another one above it and that is immune to the fade aswell, but when i copy an immune decal and place it somewhere else on the level, it fades again.

    Help would be very appreciated since this little thing is very annoying and quickly ruins all of the immersion of the level. :c

    well, after hours of ripping my hair out, i figured out my height fog that i had forgotten i put in (due to the fact it was nearly invisible) was the cause of this. now I just gotta live without my fog or suffer with ghost decals.


      Changing Fog Density or tweaking Translucency Sort Priority on the decal or mesh any help?


        i know changing fog density didnt help. My fog is black to create a darkish dusty effect throughout my map. It darkens lights and all around sets the stage for a horror scene, but my decals are more important because they are on walls and tell the player where they are. Ill try Trans sort priority and see if that helps tho. thnx for replying still frankit :P

        EDIT: nope, still didnt work.

        I think i can make a plane mesh with the decal on it and try that, but I would need to remake all of my decals since they don't have alpha channels.

        the wierdest part about this though is the one wall that was unaffected. Any decal placed there wouldn't fade with the fog on. It had no different properties, it was just........immune..... *dramatic music*


          found this through searching the UDK fog tutorials

          "Materials using modulative blending can't be fogged, unless they are decal materials. "

          i guess i just have to use a different fog. I used heightfog because it seemed easier to work with. oh well