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Issue with transparency and distortion layering

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    Issue with transparency and distortion layering

    I have a transparent waterfall mesh which has distortion and in certain locations on the map you can see the river through the waterfall mesh. The material for the river also is transparent with distortion.
    It appears that the waterfall wont distort the river material when it is viewed through the waterfall however the meshes around the water are being distorted.
    In the picture above you can see the light grey sections which are effectively the "gaps" between the distorted meshs and the undistorted river.

    How can I fix this?

    No time to give a direct response + more info on your mesh properties and material setup will be required to give you a definitive fix. However, you may find some solace taking a look at this map:

    ^^ The above ^^ uses reflection/ translucency/ sort order/ priority tricks, im not saying its 100% a fix for your problem, but it may provide you with a spring board to successfully negate your problem

    • The most sensible thing to do is read your problem and turn it into a solution.
    • Sounds like the issue is opacity based and only becomes an issue in certain areas of the map.

    • Change the opacity or simply outright change mesh and material when the player is in those positions. (material instances/ parameters). Or if you have a timer based game (MITV) you can link the maths of your timed game with the materials.
    • (best example of this is another one of my mirror's edge style maps that provides a fully functioning clock.)